My working life in Law by our Wills & Probate Executive, David Thornton

David has a wealth of experience, is hard-working and focussed with a passion to help elderly and vulnerable clients. He has worked in Private Client Law for many years, specialising in taxable and non-taxable estate administration, Court of Protection matters, Will drafting and the management of Elderly and Vulnerable clients financial affairs.

Here’s what David says about his working day at Owen Kenny:

” I find it rewarding when I visit elderly clients to advise / take instructions on various matters. Just having a chat, or listening for an extra 5 – 10 minutes after the appointment, means a lot to someone who might not see anyone from one day to the next.

I recently went to visit a client in a local nursing home to go through his Lasting Power of Attorney. As soon as I got there, he thanked me for all I was doing to help his wife. These are the times in my job that you take a moment to think “I have made a small difference”.

I  enjoy dealing with estate administrations, particularly when we are Executors, attending the deceased’s property to gather papers, liaising with estate agents and organising the house clearance.

A couple of months ago a client (who had recently lost her husband and who I had assisted to get a Grant of Probate  to close down an account) sent me a card which simply said “Thank you so much for all your help at what has been a most difficult time for me”. I had only visited this lady on two occasions, but her genuine heart-felt thanks and appreciation really touched me. “

To make an appointment with David, please contact his secretary, Pam Banks, at Owen Kenny on 01243 532777.

  • Probate

    When a loved one dies it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that is required.

  • Wills

    Everyone should have a will yet few people do. The BBC news once reported that two thirds of people in the UK do not have Wills and  in 2012 the Treasury made £38.5m from people who died without a Will.

  • Powers of Attorney

    We nearly all know someone who, as a result of physical and mental illness finds managing their affairs difficult.

  • Deputyship Applications

    If a friend or a loved one is unable to manage their affairs and if they have not previously prepared an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Lasting Power of Attorney then a Deputyship Application is the next step.

  • Trusts and Estate Planning

    Whether you are thinking of setting up a trust or simply require assistance with the administration of a trust we are always happy to help.

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