Who has Parental Responsibility?

All birth mothers automatically have parental responsibility. Fathers who are married to the mother at the time a child was born also automatically have parental responsibility. Fathers who are not married to the mother but are registered on the child’s birth certificate (if the child is born after 1 December 2003) will automatically have parental responsibility. Civil partners and partners of mothers registered as the child’s legal parent on the birth certificate will also have automatic parental responsibility.

A biological father not married to the mother at the time the birth was registered, or who is not on the birth certificate can obtain parental responsibility a number of ways:

– Re registering the child’s birth and adding his name.
– Making a Parental Responsibility Agreement with the mother.
– If the mother does not agree to a Parental Responsibility Agreement, they can apply to the Court for a

Parental Responsibility Order.
Parental responsibility is the legal rights, duties, powers and responsibilities a parent has for a child. If you have parental responsibility for a child then you have the ability to make decisions about their care and upbringing.

Important decisions about a child’s life must be agreed by everyone who has parental responsibility including:-
– Education
– Medical treatment
– Where they live
– Religion
– consent to leave the country either temporarily or permanently

If you need further advice on parental responsibility or other family matters please contact the Family Team on 01243 790532 or email info@owenkenny.co.uk