Are you thinking of making a Will and are wondering what information is needed?  Here’s what we will ask you at Owen Kenny; you can either come in and meet us, or complete a Will Questionnaire and email it / post it to us – either way, you will get the ball rolling!

Your name + basic personal details, also your partner’s / your children’s / grandchildren’s (if applicable)

Who would you like to appoint as your Executors ie the people responsible for administering your estate and carrying out the instructions of your Will?

If you have children under the age of 18 years old, who would you want to appoint as Guardian/Guardians, in the event both parents have passed away?

Are there any gifts or items of property you would like to specify in your Will, such as jewellery or personal chattels?

Do you wish to leave any specific amounts of money to anyone, such as a family member, friends or charity?

After payments of debts and legacies, who would you like the remainder of your estate to go to?

Please give details of your estate (house, savings, pensions, life insurance)

Any potential challenges to your Will?

Either email us at info@owenkenny.co.uk and ask for the Will questionnaire, or start completing this yourself through our website (https://owenkenny.com/start-your-will-online/) or phone us on 01243 532777 and ask to book an appointment to make a Will.