What to expect from us when selling your Property

After getting your instant online conveyancing quote on our website link https://owenkenny.com/conveyancing-quotes-online/ and instructing us to proceed with your property sale, a conveyancer and their support will begin work on your matter. As soon as we have copies of your title deeds and the forms back from you we will send the buyer’s Solicitors:-

a) A copy of the plan of the property.

b) A copy of the fittings and contents and property information forms that you have completed. If you have agreed to sell any additional items you have a choice as to whether you wish to let us know and we can add it to the contract or whether you wish to make a private agreement with the buyer.

c) Copies of any guarantees that you may have.

d) Any “covenants” (legal do’s and don’ts) that affect the property will be pointed out to the buyer. They are important and if you think that any of them may already have been breached you need to let us know. If you have made any alterations to the property (or indeed a previous owner has) you need to let us know so that we can advise you accordingly.

e) The draft contract which we will prepare on your behalf. You will be sent this for signature shortly before exchange.

f) The buyer’s Solicitors will probably raise some questions which we will need your help to answer. Please do your best to answer them. We will help you where necessary. Even if you feel the questions are without foundation, our experience is that by being as helpful as we can this is the best way to speed your transaction along.

Contact our conveyancing team for a quote on 01243 790532 (option 1) or email info@owenkenny.co.uk