When buying your home…from making an offer to your name on the Deeds, read the conveyancing process here and get in touch with our team at Owen Kenny if you need assistance with your house purchase / sale by emailing info@owenkenny.co.uk or by calling 01243 790532.  See the order of the conveyancing process when buying your home:

Buying Your Home

Making an Offer

Ideally you should have a mortgage agreement in principle and have decided which conveyancer you are going to use before you make an offer.


Offer Accepted!

Once the seller has accepted your offer the estate agent will send out a Memorandum of Sale to everyone involved.

When you instruct us as your conveyancer, we will send out the initial paperwork for you to fill in and return.

The seller’s conveyancer will then send out a contract pack to your conveyancer.


Checking the Title

Your conveyancer will examine the contract pack, raise enquiries with the seller’s conveyancer and order the searches. It can take some time for the search results to come in and the seller to reply sufficiently to the enquiries, but we will send you copies of the enquiries and keep you updated. Your mortgage lender will send their instructions to us.



Your conveyancer will report to you on your mortgage, the contract pack, search results and replies to enquiries. You can discuss any queries and sign the contract. Once you have signed you will also need to transfer your deposit to us.



Until exchange of contracts, neither side is obliged to buy or sell the property, and can pull out without penalty. The buyer and seller sign identical contracts, but only when they are formally exchanged by the conveyancers does the sale become legally binding. The completion date is then set.


Getting Ready to Complete

Your conveyancer will request the mortgage advance from the lender and you will transfer the balance to us.


Moving Day!

On the day of completion your conveyancer will send the purchase money to the seller’s solicitor, who will then authorise the estate agent to give you the keys to your new home. This happens on the day agreed when contracts were exchanged.


Your Name on the Deeds

The seller’s conveyancer will then send the Transfer deed to your conveyancer, who will register the property in your name with the Land Registry. We will also organise payment of Stamp Duty for you and serve Notice of Transfer on the management company if you have one.