Sharing a D-Day family story as told by our colleague, Julie Jones:

Stanley Raymond Jones (1922-2015) was born and raised in Cheshire. When reporting for service in the Second World War, during his medical it was discovered that that he had a congenital heart condition. He was declared unfit for front line active service, but never the less was enlisted into the army. Initially he was involved in construction of new airfields in the North West. He was then transferred and stationed in Surrey to train as a surveyor and cartographer.

He spent part of his training at Washington near Worthing on the top of Chanctonbury Ring. This included a night time triangulation of light signals at Chanctonbury Ring to and from line of sight high hills near Bristol and in the Chilterns. These long-distance surveys were needed to ensure that maps were accurate.

In preparing for the planned invasion of the Continent which eventually started on D Day, the RAF overflew the French, Belgian and Dutch coastlines and took extensive aerial photographs. These photographs formed the basis of maps which were to be issued to those planning the invasion and later issued to those actually taking part in the invasion. By using 3 D viewers it was possible for cartographers to draw maps from the photographs showing height contours, roads, railways, rivers, canals, built up areas and other significant features. All this would have been done by hand with the cartographers looking at the photos and drawing the maps with special pens and inks. Stanley was involved in producing these maps.

Hence, by the time that D Day arrived on 6th June 1944, it could be said that Stanley had completed his contribution to the invasion plans. In fact, Stanley had been granted a week’s leave to get married to Jacqueline Rex whom he had met whilst stationed in Surrey. They married at Addlestone, Surrey on Saturday 3rd June just 3 days before the invasion, the date of which was still a secret. It is likely that few service personnel would have been given leave at that critical time but, of course, there was little more that Stanley could have contributed to the invasion at that stage.

Jacquie and Stanley (pictured here on their wedding day on 3rd June 1944) had a long and happy marriage, producing two sons and celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. Stanley was father-in-law to our Private Client Solicitor, Julie Jones: