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Whether you need assistance for a deceased loved one or for yourself the information discussed , be it in relation to Wills, Probate or Powers of Attorney, is often emotive and personal.

Our dedicated team can provide you with the support and legal advice you need. We are empathetic in our approach and always work towards developing a practical and straight forward solution for you at a stressful time in your life.

  • Probate

    When a loved one dies it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that is required.

  • Wills

    Everyone should have a will yet few people do. The BBC news once reported that two thirds of people in the UK do not have Wills and  in 2012 the Treasury made £38.5m from people who died without a Will.

  • Powers of Attorney

    We nearly all know someone who, as a result of physical and mental illness finds managing their affairs difficult.

  • Deputyship Applications

    If a friend or a loved one is unable to manage their affairs and if they have not previously prepared an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Lasting Power of Attorney then a Deputyship Application is the next step.

  • Trusts and Estate Planning

    Whether you are thinking of setting up a trust or simply require assistance with the administration of a trust we are always happy to help.

You will be speaking to us at a time when you will be discussing personal and emotive matters. Our team promotes an empathetic approach developing practical and straight forward solutions.

Imogen Manuel, David Thornton, Emily Allchurch and Rachel Cook

Emily Allchurch

Emily Allchurch

Managing Director - Solicitor
Dave Thornton

Dave Thornton

Wills and Probate Executive

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