Paul Fleming

Paul Fleming
Civil Litigation


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Paul has gained a wealth of knowledge of civil litigation and dispute resolution over 30 years.  He represents claimants or defendants, and takes pride in being effective and not just busy.

Paul joined Owen Kenny in 2013.  Having moved to the South coast from London in 1989, he trained in Southampton before joining the local firm of Staffurth & Bray where he became a Partner and headed a large litigation department for 16 years, during which time he was the supervisor for five of the firm’s Legal Aid franchises.  He has extensive experience in a wide range of litigation matters, including commercial, family and property disputes.  He was a longstanding Senior Litigator for the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.  He has handled complex legal issues and court appearances, and dealt with claims ranging from £100 to £10 million.

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What don’t you know about Paul
Having read about babies being abandoned in the countryside of Ethiopia, he travelled there with his wife in 2008 and adopted two of them. As well as running around after his children and Springer spaniel he enjoys skiing and canoeing.

He specialises in;

Due to his wide-ranging knowledge for which he justly deserves quite a reputation (including amongst rival lawyers), you should feel free to contact him with your legal enquiry, even if it does not seem to fit any of the above-mentioned categories.

Recent Testimonial

“You were the first to notice that there was a problem and it’s thanks to you that I now, at last,  have the benefit of my divorce settlement and  I can make up to my other son the money that he should have received from his father’s Will.  It was a long hard struggle and I’m grateful to you for your tolerance and patience during the last 3 years”

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