Why you should make a Will

Everyone should have a Will. Having a Will ensures that you remain in control of your assets and that your estate will pass in accordance with your wishes. Simply writing a letter expressing what your wishes are is not sufficient and is not legally binding upon anyone.

By making a Will, you can name who you want to deal with your estate, and express your funeral wishes which would be of assistance to those who have to organise your funeral.

If you have children, you can make provision in your Will for who should have guardianship of your children and how old they should be when they inherit from your estate. Likewise, if you have a vulnerable person that you wish to provide for, you can include a specific provision for them in your Will.

Gifting particular items means that you can insure your loved ones receive what you want them to, for example a ring, watch, necklace, furniture or painting can be recorded in your Will.

If you do not have a Will you will pass away intestate, and your estate would pass in accordance with these laws and you therefore lose control over who should inherit. If you are not married, your partner will not inherit anything. Further, if you have separated from your spouse but not yet divorced, changing your Will is imperative if you do not want your assets to pass to your spouse under the survivorship rule or Intestacy Rules.

We recommend that people review their Wills every 5 years to ensure that they still reflect their wishes as things can change over the years.

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