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* You will receive a detailed quote by email which is broken down into: Legal Fee (based on the value of the property), VAT and details of any Disbursements including an e-conveyancing fee (electronic case management system).  For purchases, the cost of searches, SDLT, Land Registry fee & search, Bankruptcy search are also detailed.

Further details on the searches are below, for your reading.

Local Search

A local search reveals important information about the property held by the local authority. The local authority is asked to reply to a long list of questions. Each local authority fixes its own search fee. If we do not have the exact fee, the fee shown is an estimate. The amount payable by you would be the actual fee charged by the local authority.

Drainage Search

A drainage search shows whether a property is connected to the mains water supply and mains drainage. The amount payable by you would be the actual fee charged by the water authority.

Environmental Search

If you are obtaining a mortgage, your lender requires us to obtain an environmental search. An environmental search can be used to establish the risk of land being contaminated, by collating information from regulatory bodies, floodplain data and a review of current and historic land uses.

Bankruptcy Search (Per Person)

If you are obtaining a mortgage, your lender will require us to check whether you are or have been bankrupt.

Land Registry Search

A land registry search shows whether the register for a property has changed since the copy of the register was originally issued to the buyer’s solicitor. This search is carried out before completion of a purchase.

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