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In most residential lettings, the landlord has legal obligations which cannot be excluded in the letting agreement. The main obligations are as follows:-

* You must allow the tenant to live there peacefully with exclusive occupation and not let yourself in without permission except in an emergency.

* You must keep the property “wind and watertight”. This may mean carrying out repair work.

* You are responsible for the water supply, sewers and other drainage, and space heating.

* You must maintain the supply of gas (if connected) and electricity.

* You must give the Tenant the government booklet, “How to Rent. The Checklist for Renting in England” at the outset (latest edition).

* The smoke alarms and any carbon monoxide alarms must be working at all times.

* You have to fulfil your responsibilities even if the tenant is in arrears with the rent!

* You should also renew the Gas Certificate annually and give a copy to the tenant.

* You may also be liable if the property is defective and the tenant or a visitor is injured. Keep the property insured and tell your insurance company that you have let the property.

* You must ensure any deposit is held in a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme and provide the Prescribed Information about it to the tenant within 30 days.
* You must give the Tenant an Energy Performance Certificate.