Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s) – Helpful blog with details of our special offer at Owen Kenny

Do you want your loved ones to have the ability to make decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to do so? If so, keep reading….if you lose mental capacity through longevity, illness or accident and you do not have LPA’s in place then your family members will be unable to access your bank accounts and make decisions in relation to your medical treatment.  There are two different types, namely the Property & Financial Affairs LPA and the Health & Welfare LPA.

With a Property & Financial Affairs LPA, your family members will have the ability to manage your bank accounts for you and ensure all bills are paid. Additionally, if you have a Health and Welfare LPA in place, the people you nominate to manage your health and welfare will be able to make decisions in relation to your living accommodation and care and be able to consent to or refuse medical treatment on your behalf.

At Owen Kenny, we are campaigning for more people to have Health and Welfare LPA’s because there has been a recent worrying trend in family members who have been unable to make decisions on behalf of their loved ones or liaise with medical practitioners in relation to medical treatment. This is why we are offering to prepare the Health and Welfare LPA for free when you prepare a Property and Financial Affairs LPA with us at the same time.  All you will be required to pay in relation to the Health and Welfare LPA is “The Office of the Public Guardian” Court fee of £110.

Our standard fees are as follows:-
£300 plus VAT for one LPA
£500 plus VAT for two LPAs

There is also an additional “Office of Public Guardian” registration fee of £110 per LPA.

We currently have a special offer on our LPAs (until the end of April 2016) whereby if we receive instructions to prepare a Property and Financial Affairs LPA then we will also prepare the Health & Welfare LPA free of charge (although you would still have to pay the “Office of Public Guardian” fee of £110 to register this as this is a fee set by the Court.
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