I’ve accepted the offer….now what?

Great news.. you have found a buyer for your property and are ready to instruct a conveyancing solicitor on your sale. But what happens next… our Conveyancer Lauren Toop has created a list of the key steps in a sale transaction:-

1. Initial instructions- This is where you provide me with all the important information about you as the Seller(s) and the property.

2. Issue of contract papers- A contract is drafted and sent to the buyer’s solicitor together with any relevant information about the property.

3. Enquiries being raised- the buyer’s solicitor will review contract paperwork and raise any concerns or questions they have which I will then respond to.

4. Exchange of Contracts- Once enquiries have been satisfied, we are ready to commit to an exchange. This means that a date for completion is fixed and both parties are committed to buy and sell the property.

5. Completion- Congratulations your sale has now gone through!