What is mediation?

Mediation involves separating couples to come together to discuss matters with a neutral mediator who usually has experience in family law. Together you will explore all issues and options to help form an overall settlement and resolves issues outside of the court process.
Mediation is voluntary and confidential.
Mediation allows you as a separating couple to discuss all matters that are important such as separation, finances and children matters and to work forward on an amicable basis.
Mediation helps you to resolve the issue of co-parenting in the future where there are children of the relationship.
At the end of the mediation process the mediator will produce a document which is known as a Memorandum of Understanding which is only binding when you have had an opportunity to take advice from your solicitor.

Why would mediation be an option?

Honest and open environment is encouraged and the mediator is trained to assist in finding the best way to move discussions forward
Avoids the court process which could lead to a judge deciding overall settlement
Open and informal discussion entirely at your pace
The mediator works with your family lawyer to help you achieve the best outcome for you
Paves the way to co-parenting

Who does mediation?

Sara-Jayne Fildes is not only a Resolution trained mediator, she also practises as a solicitor in Family Law and has done so for 14 years.
Her experience ranges from modest assets to high net worth assets and children matters.
She has a friendly and assertive approach.

Chichester Divorce Solicitor Sara

Where can we do mediation?

Our mediation service is based at our South Street Office.
38 South St,  Chichester,  West Sussex,  PO19 1EL

When can mediation happen?

Entirely within your discretion.
Mediation is usually conducted over a series of round table meetings.

How do I book a mediation session?

Book a session with Sara by calling her on 01243 790532 or e-mail sarafildes@owenkenny.co.uk for a free preliminary telephone discussion to see if mediation is right for you and to arrange an appointment.

Who pays?

The costs should be shared by both of you as this is a process that you both should be willing to go into. The costs are usually paid upfront and we can utilise payment by card, cheque or online banking.
Sara-Jayne Fildes’ hourly rate is £125 per person.
The mediation meetings are usually 90 minutes each – the mediator will give you an estimate of the number of meetings required at the Information Meeting.

Do I need a solicitor?

Your mediator does not require your solicitor to attend the mediation meeting, however she may recommend that you consult with your solicitor for advice at any stage during the mediation process.