Exchange of Contracts

As soon as searches and enquiries have been completed and finances are in place you will be ready to exchange contracts. Although you can suggest a completion date, your seller/buyer may not be able to accommodate the date that you would like. It is best to try to be flexible, particularly if there are a number of people in the chain who will all have different requirements. Any date at this stage is only a suggestion. Please do not book anything until you are told by us that contracts have been exchanged. Please do not take it as confirmed from anyone else until you have spoken to your conveyancer or his/her secretary.

We will send you a statement showing the amounts required by you or due to you on completion. Please check your statement carefully and if you think that there is something wrong, please let us know right away.

Once contracts have been exchanged, your completion date becomes fixed and you are legally obliged to complete your sale or purchase on that date.

After Exchanging on your Purchase

Now that you are committed to the purchase of the property, you will receive a statement showing the amount that we will need to complete the purchase. Bank transfer or telegraphic transfer is the preferred method of payment.

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