Erin Green 

Paralegal Apprentice                       

Contact Tel:  01243 832427


Erin works in our Wills & Probate (Private Client) team.

Prior to her Paralegal Apprenticeship at Owen Kenny, Erin completed A-Levels in English Literature, History and Law. During her studies, she also completed an Extended Project Qualification, to which her question was “Is the Insanity Defense a loophole for criminals?” In this study, she explored if it was feasible that a criminal could circumnavigate the legal system in using this defense, and how easy it is to be granted ‘insane’ under our legal structure. Furthermore, during the course of her studies, she was able to have a virtual talk with the Justice of the Supreme Court, Lord Sales. Along with outside reading of books such as ‘Letters to a Law student’ and ‘The Secret Barrister’, her previous studies channelled her inspirations of entering a legal profession.
She specialises in:
Private Client Department- Wills and Probate. In doing A-Level Law, Erin realised she has a passion for Civil Law. In originally joining Owen Kenny’s sister company “Enable”, she learnt of probate and what is put in place once one is deceased. Realising she took a liking to this, she joined Owen Kenny as a Paralegal Apprentice in the Private Client Department, to boost her legal knowledge in this area, and begin her first step on the legal profession ladder.
What you don’t know about Erin:
She used to be a gymnast; she is a “crazy cat lady” with two cats. She doesn’t like hot chocolate! Her favorite book of all time is “We were liars” by E.Lockhart.