Dementia affects everyone, it is important to have LPAs (Lasting Powers of Attorney)

Please see below a link to an article in Today’s Wills & Probate regarding the world champion Formula One driver, Sir Jackie Stewart, launching a new dementia charity, and the importance of having LPA’s in place:

Sir Jackie Stewart, LPA New Dementia Charity

The world champion Formula One driver explained that his wife of 55 years now requires around the clock care. Lady Helen, 75, was diagnosed with dementia 2 years ago, but this is the first time the racing driver has spoken about the changes he has seen in his wife.
Whilst he believes it is too late to help Lady Helen, he has launched a charity named Race Against Dementia<> to seek a cure for dementia sufferers in the future.
Sir Jackie says:

“This is the biggest personal challenge of my life and I will make sure that whilst I am still on this earth, I put all my efforts into finding a cure for this horrendous illness. I want to make sure I can do all I can to help millions of people around the world end this heartache.” He adds: “It’s now personal. I am putting a million pounds of my own money in because we have got to find a cure.”

According to the Alzheimer’s Society 225,000 Britons each year are diagnosed with the condition.
It further highlights the need for people to have LPAs (Lasting Powers of Attorney) in place.

  • Probate

    When a loved one dies it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that is required.

  • Wills

    Everyone should have a will yet few people do. The BBC news once reported that two thirds of people in the UK do not have Wills and  in 2012 the Treasury made £38.5m from people who died without a Will.

  • Powers of Attorney

    We nearly all know someone who, as a result of physical and mental illness finds managing their affairs difficult.

  • Deputyship Applications

    If a friend or a loved one is unable to manage their affairs and if they have not previously prepared an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Lasting Power of Attorney then a Deputyship Application is the next step.

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