If you regularly find yourself chasing your debts and are becoming frustrated by the amount of time and money it can take, then our debt collection team may be able to help. Our experience shows that many unpaid debts can be recovered using a solicitor’s letter only and without the need for court action.

Debt Management affects all business. We will provide you with a comprehensive, efficient and cost effective debt recovery service. We can often deal with your whole case on a reduced fee basis.

We can also:-

  • instruct a Bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer on your behalf
  • Place a charge on the debtor’s property
  • Obtain a Third Party Debt Order or Attachment of Earnings Order
  • Request that the Debtor attends court for questioning (regarding his income and assets)
  • Issue statutory demands to start the process of Insolvency

If we are unable to recover any of the debt which is owed to you, prior to the issue of court Proceedings, we can limit our fee to a pre-approved amount that you will know about from the start. This can be as low as £118 plus VAT.