Christmas Arrangements for Separated Parents

Christmas Arrangements for Separated Parents

When parents are separated, making arrangements for children to spend quality time with each parent can cause conflict and tension. Both parents will be eager to spend time with their children on special occasions, such as Christmas, but attempting to agree this in advance can cause disagreements/arguments.


Parents may find it helpful to try and make sure that they have a plan in advance of special occasions. Leaving it to the last minute can cause additional stress. Parents can often reach arrangements that alternate year to year, for example one year one parent has Christmas Day and other Boxing Day and then vice versa the following year. Children can often be pleased that they get to have two Christmases!


Generally speaking, parents are encouraged to try and reach an agreement between themselves however if communication between parents fail, or is simply not possible, then there a few options available to assist. Instructing a family solicitor may help you negotiate an agreement through correspondence. Alternatively, if you have left sufficient time before the special occasion, parties may wish to attend mediation. Both parties attend meetings with a neutral mediator who would help you negotiate. It can be quick and cost effective.


Once an agreement has been reached it can be best to inform the children so that they know what to expect and do not worry themselves.

Court proceedings should always be a last resort as they can be costly and also time consuming.


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