Can I change my child’s school?

As we approach the end of the Summer break, many parents are preparing for their child(ren) to start or return to school. When two parents agree on what school to send their child(ren), this makes the decision making process very easy – but what do you do if you can’t agree?


If both parents hold parental responsibility for the child(ren), it is not down to one party to make the decisions about schooling. Both parents have the right to be consulted in the decision making process and, hopefully, come to an agreement.


Ultimately, it is best if the parents can agree on where the child(ren) go to school. It may also be that the child(ren) is of an age where their views can be taken into consideration. This will depend specifically on the child(ren), their maturity and experiences.


If the parents can’t agree between themselves, they can look to attend mediation to try and get the issue sorted. If this still doesn’t end in an agreement, the parents can issue an application to the Court for a Specific Issues Order and ask the Court to make the decision as to where the child goes to school. If the parties do end up at Court then the Court will make a decision based on the best interests of the child, as the Court’s paramount consideration is the welfare of the child(ren).


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