Bringing the Tenancy to an end

Most tenancy agreements are for a fixed period. However, the tenant is entitled to remain in possession of the property after the end of the fixed period. The tenant’s right to occupy the property can only be brought to an end by a Court Order for Possession. This right cannot be taken away from the tenant. If you do not give the correct notice then this may delay or even prejudice your right to obtain possession of your property.

Owen Kenny Solicitors can prepare and serve the notices for you. Sometimes it may be quicker to serve a 2 months’ notice to bring the tenancy to an end even if the Tenant is in breach. That is because the Accelerated Procedure requires no court hearings.

After the expiry of the original fixed term, the tenant will also have the right to bring the tenancy to an end. A standard tenancy agreement states how much notice the tenant must give. If a tenant gives a written notice, but does not leave the property, then this gives you a ground for taking proceedings.