Staff at Owen Kenny are participating this Thursday in CUPCAKE DAY in aid of The Alzheimer’s Society, baking cupcakes and raising some “dough” for the charity when eaten by other members of staff! Our conveyancer, Jo Peach, shares her family story with us below. Jo cared for her mother who sadly succumbed to Mixed Alzheimers/Vascular Dementia in August 2016. “Mum was diagnosed in 2011 and from that point forward the decline in her mental health was rapid and unforgiving. There was little more heartbreaking than when she looked straight through me and asked who I was. I am delighted that Owen Kenny is supporting such a worthy cause. Alzheimers is a punishing and devastating disease and affects the whole family”.

In memory, Jo and her family take part in their local annual walk on the south coast (pictured) which is one of many organised across the country in support of the Alzheimers’s Society. day – 13 June 2019