When purchasing a property – what to expect to receive from Owen Kenny

Once we have received documents from the Solicitor acting for the seller, we will immediately send you as many of the following items as are available at this stage.  These may include:-

  1.  A copy of the plan of the property.  You must please check the plan and let us know if it differs from what you have viewed.  Please remember that the conveyancing process does not allow for us to personally inspect the property.  It is your responsibility to carry out any physical inspection of the property.  However, if a site plan needs to be agreed, you may wish us to carry out a site visit.  In this case, please contact us so that we can advise you of our additional fee in this respect.
  2. A copy of the fittings and contents and property information forms completed by the seller.  Usually the seller will provide this information to the best of his knowledge but this information may be limited.  It is therefore important to inspect the property and to have a survey.  If you have agreed to purchase any additional items you have a choice as to whether you wish to let us know and we can add it to the contract or whether you wish to make a private arrangement with the seller.
  3. Copies of any guarantees that are with the paperwork.  We cannot comment on the validity of the guarantees.  They are only as good as the company who has issued them.  Some guarantees are only valid if officially transferred to you as the new owner.  We cannot do this for you.  You will need to arrange, and pay any necessary fee, after completion.
  4. Copies of the title deeds with a note of any specific matters that we feel that we need to draw to your attention.  The “covenants” that affect the property will be pointed out to you.  These are legal obligations that the owner must comply with.  They are very important and if you think that any of them may already have been breached you need to let us know.  A typical example of a covenant is “not to make alterations to the property without the consent of a third party” (usually a previous owner or builder).  If you are planning to make any alterations to the property after you have bought it and you think that this kind of covenant may affect your plans, you need to let us know so that we can advise you of the implications.
  5. We will carry out searches for you and we will report to you with our findings.  You should be aware that the local search will not reveal planning applications for neighbouring land or properties. It only tells you about the planning history for the property you are purchasing. Please note that we will not advise you on the planning implications of the property during the course of a routine purchase.  If you need any planning advice this can be done separately.
  6.  A copy of any letter that we have sent to the sellers Solicitors raising questions that have arisen as a result of our examination of the paperwork.  Some of these will be technical in nature and some practical.  If you have any questions that you would like to raise that have not been addressed, please contact us.
  7. We will also carry out an environmental search.  This may give you an idea of the previous use of the land.  It will also tell you about the possibility of the property being affected by contaminated land.
    We will also carry out a drainage search for you, which will give more information about the route of the drains or if, for example, there is a drain running under your property, which might affect you if you wish to build an extension.
  8. The contract that you will be asked to sign.  You should check that the purchase price is correct and that we have your names spelt correctly before signing where indicated.  This is the only document that we have sent you that we need back at this stage.

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