10 good reasons to prepare a Will

  1. To remain in control and ensure your estate passes to those you wish to benefit, rather than passing under the Intestacy Rules.
  2. To provide for your partner if you are not married. Your partner will only inherit from your estate if you provide for them in your Will. If you die intestate they will receive nothing.
  3. To appoint Guardians for your children and to provide for their future.
  4. To protect your business and ensure it continues as you wish.
  5. To consider estate planning and produce a tax efficient Will.
  6. To protect the financial position of a vulnerable person.
  7. To appoint someone of your choosing to deal with your estate to make it easier for your family at such a difficult time.
  8. To ensure your children from a previous relationship inherit from your estate.
  9. Its cheaper and quicker to administer an estate with a Will than one without.
  10. To ensure your personal belongings and Jewellery pass to those friends and family members that you wish.